Class 11th

Class 11th

Class 11th is the first step where the foundation of Commerce is laid. It is quite obvious that if the foundation of a structure remains weak, the structure is bound to come down. In this grade a student gets familiar with Commerce which helps in choosing the right career after Class 12th. A wrong career choice can prove disastrous in one’s life. So, it is of utmost importance to study all the subjects in this class sincerely.

This will ease your decision about the right career for you. We strive to mould the learning process in such a way that the student gains crystal clarity of the basic concepts. The lectures are made interesting by introducing a wide range of examples and case studies. The student not only learns the theoretical concepts but also develops an understanding of its application.

We offer the following subjects for Class 11th

  • Accountancy
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Informatics Practices

All the subjects are taught by highly experienced mentors who have undergone rigorous training and are experts in the field.