10 Useful Tips to Score 100 Marks in Accounts?

If you’re aiming to get a 100 in your Accountancy 12th Board Exam, here are some tips that can help. Firstly, make sure you know the basics of accountancy thoroughly and understand all the basic concepts related to it. Secondly, practice as many problem-solving techniques for dealing with tricky numerical equations in order to gain fluency. Thirdly, stay organized – ensure that every part of your study schedule has been organized such that there is no overlap between different topics so that each task gets its due attention. Last but not least – focus on revision! After brushing up on various topics using good reference materials like books from renowned authors or online tutorials – revise those sections extensively! These tips will surely benefit any individual looking forward to scoring well in their class 12th accountancy Board Exams.

  1. Start early: The earlier you start preparing for the exams, the better your chances of
    scoring good marks.
  2. Study regularly: Regular study is the key to success. Set aside a fixed time for studying
    accountancy every day and stick to it.
  3. Use a good textbook: Use a good textbook to study the subject. Try to understand the
    basic concepts and work through the examples in the book.
  4. Practice, practice, practice: Practice is the key to success. Solve as many practice
    questions and mock tests as you can.
  5. Focus on the key areas: Focus on the key areas of the subject that carry the maximum
    marks in the exams.
  6. Use flowcharts and diagrams: Use flowcharts and diagrams to make your notes. This
    will help you to remember the concepts better.
  7. Take breaks: Take regular breaks and keep yourself refreshed. This will help you to
    focus better and avoid burnout.
  8. Get feedback: Get feedback from your teachers and classmates on your performance.
    This will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Stay motivated: Stay motivated and focused on your goal. Remember why you are
    preparing for the exams and what you want to achieve.
  10. Get enough sleep: Get enough sleep and rest. This will help you to be alert and focused
    during the exams.