Class 11th Business Studies Classes

Business Studies for Class 11th

Online & Offline Classes for Class 11 Business Studies

CP Classes offers the best classes for business studies for Class 11th commerce students under the guidance of Divita Agarwal having an experience of 6+ years in the field of professional mentoring.

Learning Modes:

The following modes of study are available on our Business Studies classes:

  • Face-to-Face Classes (at our Jaipur Campus)
  • Google Drive Lectures (All India & Abroad)
  • Pen Drive Lectures (All India)

What is Business Studies?
Business studies is an academic subject taught in schools and at university level in many countries. Its study combines elements of accountancy, finance, marketing, organisational studies and operations.

Coaching Classes for Business Studies:

Luckily, you’ve landed to the right place If you are looking for Class 11th Business Studies Classes for CBSE and other State Boards.

BSt. is theoretical subject in Class 11th Commerce with a practical application. For those students who plan to study commerce, Business Studies is an integral part of the student’s syllabus. Business studies require you to memorise a lot of business laws and trade sanctions. CP Classes is the most recommended Commerce Institute in Malviya Nagar in Jaipur. The faculties of the institute have 12+ years of experience.

NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Business Studies is available in a study material and video lecture format for the student’s convenience. Class 11 NCERT Business Studies Solutions have been designed to provide the best assistance to the students as they prepare for the exams. Business Studies is a subject that requires in-depth practical knowledge of concepts and the topics. Hence, these help the student to understand the concept in a better and more reliable way. Moreover, it clears out doubts in the minds of the students while reading the complete chapters. This not only helps the students to get good marks but also help them to get a solid foundation for the upcoming classes.

For class 11 students to understand the business operations as well as gaining targeted skills in your specific field, such as customers, markets, finance, operations, strategy, business policy, communications, etc, CP Classes conducts the best business studies class 11 lectures. NCERT Business Studies for Class 11 Book, is the best-recommended book for students to get a better understanding of the subject in a detailed way.

Why Commerce Paathshala is Best for Class 11 Business Studies?

  • Personalised, Conceptual & Quality Teaching
  • Coverage of the entire syllabus with complete comprehension
  • Quality Notes help students learn more effectively and speed up the revision process.
  • Mock Tests are provided on a regular basis to measure students’ performance.
  • For each lecture, a video backup is also available.
  • Special Doubt Clearing Session

While doing this, we would also ensure that, Class 11th Business Studies Classes at Commerce Paathshala covers all NCERT topics as per the updated CBSE Class 11 Business Studies syllabus for 2021-22.

Our Pen Drive Classes & Google Drive Classes

Class 11 Business Studies Video Lectures, is another option for our students to learn the concepts easily of the entire CBSE or State Boards Class 11th Business Studies Syllabus.

Our video lectures for BSt. are very adequate for Class 11th students in the CBSE or any State Board. We also provide study material through PDFs. We always look forward to help students in providing in-depth knowledge regarding the syllabus, books, marking scheme, and question paper, sample papers etc.