Class 11th Commerce

Class 11th is the first step where the foundation of Commerce is laid. It is quite obvious that if the foundation of a structure remains weak, the structure is bound to come down. In this grade a student gets familiar with Commerce which helps in choosing the right career after Class 12th. A wrong career choice can prove disastrous in one’s life. So, it is of utmost importance to study all the subjects in this class sincerely.

This will ease your decision about the right career for you. We strive to mould the learning process in such a way that the student gains crystal clarity of the basic concepts. The lectures are made interesting by introducing a wide range of examples and case studies. The student not only learns the theoretical concepts but also develops an understanding of its application.

Coaching for Class 11th Commerce - Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics

All the subjects are taught by highly experienced mentors who have undergone rigorous training and are experts in the field.

Accountancy Classes

Coaching for Class 11th Commerce – Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics

Accountancy is assumed to be one of the most interesting subject for every student of Class 11th Commerce. It is a 100% scoring subject that can improve the percentage of students in their Exams. Accounts needs regular practise and revision. CP Classes is the most recommended Accounts Institute in Malviya Nagar & one of the Best Commerce Coaching in Jaipur. The faculty of the institute has 10+ years of experience. CP makes learning easy due to which Accounts becomes a favourite subject of students. Many students of CP have scored 100% Marks in Accounts. We put best efforts that help our students to target a 100% Score in Accounts Exam. For this, students are first taught the basics of every topic & ample of questions are solved later, so that each topic is effectively understood in-depth. Mock Tests are held Weekly. Students are provided with a question bank of 1000+ unsolved questions which are solved during the Face-to-Face Lectures. Also, Video Backup is available for each Lecture.

Economics Classes

Economics Classes for Class 11th – CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE

Students consider Economics as a Theory as well as Practical subject. It includes Microeconomics & Statistics. CP Classes provides face-to-face coaching classes for Economics with personal attention at its Malviya Nagar campus. Economics can be a scoring subject if learned and practised conceptually. The teaching methodology for Economics adopted by facullty of CP Classes is to teach every topic theoretically followed with practical application. Due to this reason, CP Classes is considered as the Best Coaching Class for Economics in Jaipur. We also conduct Mock Tests on weekly basis so that ability and understanding level of our students can be known. Scoring good grades in Class 11th Commerce boosts the academic career of students for their further studies and enables them to enter the Top University or College. The faculty of CP Classes has a rich experience of 11 years. Faculty builds an understanding amongst students so that they can share their problems without any hesitation.

Business Studies (BSt.)

Business Studies (BSt.) Classes for 11th – CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE

BSt. is theoretical subject in Class 11th Commerce with limited practical application. CP Classes is the favourite Coaching Institute of Students for Commerce classes in Malviya Nagar. It is one of the leading Coaching Class for Commerce in Jaipur. We provide BSt. coaching class which includes Face-to-Face Lectures and regular Mock Tests. Our expert faculty, who is highly qualified & has a 5+ years of teaching experience, mentors and guides the students. While providing BSt. coaching classes at our Malviya Nagar campus, we not only prepare our students for theory only but also prepare them for case studies that are asked in examination. Securing 95+ Marks in BSt. paper in CBSE Exams should be an easy target for CP students. The teaching methodology adopted by CP Classes is different and unique. We organise doubt sessions for our students and also provide Video – Backup Classes for sale throughout India so that all students across India can study at their own pace

Mathematics Classes

Mathematics Classes for Class 11th – CBSE

Maths is one of the most loved subject of students, although it is a bit on the tougher side too. Maths subject includes vast practical application of concepts. Maths is a subject through which students can boost their career opportunities. Keeping this thing in mind, we at CP Classes provide Maths Classes in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. We are the most preferred Maths coaching institute in Jaipur because the method that we adopt for teaching our students helps them to make a habit of practising Maths daily. This is a key factor for success of our students. It is also due to this reason, that students not only secure good marks in their exams but will also prepares them to fight the competitive exams. During our lectures, a lot of examples and unsolved questions are discussed so that students can better understand the subject for their examination. CP also conducts Mock Tests according to the examination pattern of CBSE in order to prepare the students to target a 100% Score in 11th Maths.